Dr. Reuven Zahavi

Reuven  Zahavi

An artist active in the fields of painting, video and digital art, he also researches and writes on the fields of pictorial technology, contemporary craft and generative art  using computer graphics.>>> Dr. Zahavi exhibits his works in Israel and abroad. He is a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art in the Departments of History and Theory, and of Jewelry and Fashion. He was the head of the Department of Jewelry and the principal of the Kalisher School of Art in Tel Aviv.

He studied in the Department of Fine Art at Bezalel (1976-1979); received his M.A. and doctorate at the University of Paris VIII in 1989. The doctorate that he wrote in the Department of Plastic Art dealt with the utensil {?} as a factor in the creation of a picture.

For an appointment, contact: reuvzah@netvision.net.il