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M.A Degree

The goal of this program is to train independent and outstanding scholars who will be given the best tools to find their place in the world of academic research or to become national and international curators in museums and galleries. The course of study creates a stimulating atmosphere in which new and contemporary sides of the discipline are revealed and its universal aspects broadened and deepened, while at the same time allowing students to become experts in the fields of their choice. Seminars will be given in many different fields.

There are two tracks of study, a Research track and a Non-Research Track. The first one includes writing a Master's Thesis.

Follow this link to view current Research track courses.

Follow this link to view current Non-Research Track courses.

Compulsory Studies: All students must take the following courses that will provide them with advanced tools for the analysis of works of art and visual language, and will utilize the unique resources available in Jerusalem to put them in direct contact with works of art.

  • Changing Currents in the Discipline of Art History as reflected in Historiography, 2 credits.
  • Visual Language: A View that Breaks Boundaries, 2 credits (some of the classes will be given off campus, at a museum or in other locations).
  • Hanging Treasures: Research and Curatorship in the 21st Century, 2-4 credits (given in the Israel Museum)
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Works in the University's Storerooms, 1 credit
  • Department Seminar, 1 credit
  • M.A. Seminar in student's field of specialization