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Ziva  Amishai-Maisels

Prof. Ziva Amishai-Maisels


A researcher of Modern Art and Modern Jewish Art. Israel Prize winner for Art History in 2004.>>>

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Prof. Amishai-Maisels was born in New York. In 1959 she and her family made Aliya, and she studied simultaneously at the Bezalel Art Academy and the Hebrew University. In 1960 she returned to the United States to complete her B.A. and M.A. at Columbia University. In 1962 she returned to Israel and began teaching at the Hebrew University. In 1970 she received her doctorate, Summa cum laude, at the Hebrew University, writing on Gauguin's Religious Themes. She has published many books and articles on Modern and Modern Jewish Art, and in 1993 published her important book, Depiction and Interpretation: The Influence of the Holocaust on the Visual Arts. She continues to work on these subjects after she retired. While working at the University, she was twice Head of the Department of Art History and served as Head of the Institute of Arts, Languages and Literatures and as head of the Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Aliza  Cohen-Mushlin

Prof. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin


Prof. Cohen-Mushlin is an expert on Latin and Hebrew illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, and researches Jewish architecture from Antiquity to Modern times.>>>

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She received her doctorate from the Warburg Institute in London and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. From 1981 until she retired in 2006 she taught in the Department of Art History, and published 3 books on Latin illuminated manuscripts and many articles. She collaborated with other scholars on producing facsimile editions of Jewish illuminated manuscripts, and during 12 years edited the annual Jewish Art. From 1991 to 2006 she was the head of the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University, and founded its section for Architecture, leading many delegations of researchers to document the Jewish Art which was falling into ruins throughout the world and led several important research projects. In 1994, Prof. Cohen-Mushlin founded the Bet Tfila Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe at the Technical University of Braunschweig "House of Prayer" and she remains its Director. In 2009 she was given a medal of honor by the President of Germany.

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Luba  Freedman

Prof. Luba Freedman

Humanities Building, room 7708

A researcher into Italian Art of the 15th and 16th centuries in Florence, Rome, Venice, Parma and Correggio.>>>

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At the end of her high school studies in Moscow and even before her Aliya to Israel in 1972, Prof. Freedman understood that she wanted to specialize in the History of Italian Renaissance Art emphasizing its Classical heritage. Her M.A. and doctorate were completed at the Hebrew University under the supervision of the department's founder and Israel Prize winner, Prof. Moshe Barasch.

Prof. Freedman has written 5 books and around 50 articles on masterpieces of the visual arts, including 3 studies on works of Italian poets: Petrarch, Boccaccio and Tasso. She has also collaborated on editing a book of articles that deal with mythology. In all of her publications she stresses her constant interest in Classical and Christian subjects and in Aesthetics.


Reception hour: Tuesday and Wednesday around the hours of the ​taught courses (#7708); by appointment via email​;​no messages from Thursday to Sunday.


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Milly  Heyd

Prof. Milly Heyd

An expert in Modern, Contemporary and Israeli Art.>>>

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She studies art with an emphasis on Psychology and is interested in questions of identity in Jewish art, among Jewish artists who hide their identity, and among Dadaists (Man Ray, Tristan Tzara, Hans Richter).

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Bianca  Kühnel

Prof. Bianca Kühnel
Humanities Building room 5809

A scholar of Medieval Art.>>>

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Prof. Kuehnel has published books and articles on art and architecture connected to the traditions of the holy sites in Israel and Europe, as well as medieval scientific visual images. She has been invited as a guest in leading research institutions around the world (CESM Poitiers; Free University Berlin; Biblioteca Hertziana, Rome; Max Planck Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz; Ruprecht-Karl University Heidelberg; Israel Institute for Advanced Studies) and has won prestigious prizes and research grants (GIF; Thyssen; Max-Planck; ERC). Prof. Kuenel has served as head of the Department of Art History and founded the European Forum at the Hebrew University, which she directed for many years. She has taught generations of students, some of whom lecture and do research in leading universities in Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva) or serve as curators at the Israel Museum.

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Tallay  Ornan

Prof. Tallay Ornan

Archaeology Building, room 211

An expert on the art of the Ancient Near East (Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel).>>>

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She focuses on the visual representation of religious and political images in the Bronze and Iron Ages (ca. 1000-500 BCE), and on the use of religious symbols versus anthropomorphic images of gods especially in the Bronze and Iron Ages. She has published a catalogue, a book and many articles on these subjects in international periodicals. Prof. Ornan teaches in the Department of Art History and in the Department of Archeology.

Reception hours: Tuesday, 12:00-13:00, by appointment via e-mail. 

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Elisheva  Revel-Neher

Prof. Elisheva Revel-Neher

An expert in Jewish Art in general, and specifically during the Middle Ages.>>>

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Prof. Revel-Neher served both as Head of the Department of Art History and of the Interdisciplinary Program of the Faculty of Humanities. She held the Nicolas Landau Chair for Art History. Her research dealt especially with Biblical iconography in the Middle Ages, the Jewish-Christian controversy as expressed in Medieval Art, and the image of the Jew in the Medieval period. These studies were published in 3 books and many articles. She was a visiting scholar at many different institutions around the world, from Bar-Ilan University, to the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, the École Practique des Hautes Études in Paris, and in institutions in Bologna, Mexico, etc.

For an appointment, contact:

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Shalom  Sabar

Prof. Shalom Sabar

Humanities Building, room 5135

A researcher of Jewish Art and Folklore (PhD. in Art History, University of California Los Angeles, 1987).>>>

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Prof. Sabar lectures in the Departments of Jewish and Comparative Folklore and Art History. His areas of research include Jewish Art and Folk Art, material culture and ephemera, objects associated with the cycles of life and of the year, ritual and custom in the Jewish communities in Europe and in Islamic Iands, with especial emphasis on the culture of Italian Jews and the Sephardic diaspora in Europe, the cultural and artistic inter-relationships between the Jewish communities and their Christian and Muslim neighbors, and the image of the Jew and Hebrew writing in art. He has published over 200 books and articles in these fields. At the same time, he collects Jewish art objects and Israeli ephemera and lectures and guides tours to Jewish sites in Europe, North Africa, India and Central Asia.

Reception hour: By previous appointment.

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Prof. Lola Sleptzoff
A researcher of the Late Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque visual arts in Italy and France.