Prof. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin

Aliza  Cohen-Mushlin

Prof. Cohen-Mushlin is an expert on Latin and Hebrew illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, and researches Jewish architecture from Antiquity to Modern times.>>>

She received her doctorate from the Warburg Institute in London and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. From 1981 until she retired in 2006 she taught in the Department of Art History, and published 3 books on Latin illuminated manuscripts and many articles. She collaborated with other scholars on producing facsimile editions of Jewish illuminated manuscripts, and during 12 years edited the annual Jewish Art. From 1991 to 2006 she was the head of the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University, and founded its section for Architecture, leading many delegations of researchers to document the Jewish Art which was falling into ruins throughout the world and led several important research projects. In 1994, Prof. Cohen-Mushlin founded the Bet Tfila Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe at the Technical University of Braunschweig "House of Prayer" and she remains its Director. In 2009 she was given a medal of honor by the President of Germany.