Prof. Shalom Sabar

Shalom  Sabar
Humanities Building, room 5135

A researcher of Jewish Art and Folklore (PhD. in Art History, University of California Los Angeles, 1987).>>>

Prof. Sabar lectures in the Departments of Jewish and Comparative Folklore and Art History. His areas of research include Jewish Art and Folk Art, material culture and ephemera, objects associated with the cycles of life and of the year, ritual and custom in the Jewish communities in Europe and in Islamic Iands, with especial emphasis on the culture of Italian Jews and the Sephardic diaspora in Europe, the cultural and artistic inter-relationships between the Jewish communities and their Christian and Muslim neighbors, and the image of the Jew and Hebrew writing in art. He has published over 200 books and articles in these fields. At the same time, he collects Jewish art objects and Israeli ephemera and lectures and guides tours to Jewish sites in Europe, North Africa, India and Central Asia.

Reception hour: By previous appointment.