Dr. Tawfiq Da’adli

Tawfiq  Da’adli
Humanities Building, room 5335

An art historian and archeologist who specializes in Islamic material culture. >>>

As an archeologist in Jerusalem Dr. Da'adli has studied the Mamila cemetery, the Al Qaymuriyya Mausoleum in Jerusalem, the quarters around the Cotton Merchants Market and the Beit HaBad Market. As an art historian he has written his doctorate on the school of painting that developed in the city of Herat in today's Afghanistan, in the time of Sultan Husayn, last of the Timurid rulers.

Recently he has been researching the wall paintings of the Ummayad Palace in Jericho, trying to reconstruct a series of paintings there that have never been properly published since the excavations done under the British Mandate. Another recent research project concerns Lod, where local excavations have been taking place for years. In it, he is trying to understand the city's civic structure near the end of the Ottoman Period.

Dr. Da'adli was a Buber scholar from 2012 to 2015. In 2016, he received a fellowship from the Council of Higher Education to encourage young researchers who have been accepted to teach in Israel's universities.

Reception hour: By appointment only.