Prof. Luba Freedman

Luba  Freedman
Humanities Building, room 7708

A researcher into Italian Art of the 15th and 16th centuries in Florence, Rome, Venice, Parma and Correggio.>>>

At the end of her high school studies in Moscow and even before her Aliya to Israel in 1972, Prof. Freedman understood that she wanted to specialize in the History of Italian Renaissance Art emphasizing its Classical heritage. Her M.A. and doctorate were completed at the Hebrew University under the supervision of the department's founder and Israel Prize winner, Prof. Moshe Barasch.

Prof. Freedman has written 5 books and around 50 articles on masterpieces of the visual arts, including 3 studies on works of Italian poets: Petrarch, Boccaccio and Tasso. She has also collaborated on editing a book of articles that deal with mythology. In all of her publications she stresses her constant interest in Classical and Christian subjects and in Aesthetics.


Reception hour: Tuesday and Wednesday around the hours of the ​taught courses (#7708); by appointment via email​;​no messages from Thursday to Sunday.